Tuesday, 17 May 2011

sunset eyes!

its all about the summer makeup.

over the last few months ive become very lazy with makeup restricting myself to the basics which for me is a little concealer powder and some mascara

but that boring!

its summer and i experimented.

i used sleek eyeshadows in the circus pallete which was limited edition and not in store anymore and a really random pink almost lilac lipstick and a bourjuois blush.

the trick is to be expressive with your eyes and limit the amount of colour you use on your lips, so dotting your lipstick on and using it as a lip tint is a good idea. here i used a light colour to line the bottom of my eyes which gives the illusion of wide and bright eyes!

keep nails bright and colourful too!

i will try n make a youtube tutorial of this look!

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