Thursday, 23 June 2011

carnival wow!

i've been obsesses with thought of carnival makeup ever since i was little. im more reserved with my makeup so i never really had a chance to experiment.
it started out as me doing swashes from my sleek mediterranean eyeshadow palette and progressed into me putting glitter over them (as you can see in my previous post.)
from here i had i brilliant idea! and started playing around with the green shade! AND I JUST WENT CRAZY FROM THEN!! i wish i had face paint though .... :(

here r some pics xxx

sleek mediterranean

swashes from my new sleek Mediterranean palette.
i basically used a few of these gorgeous colours and dabbed some luster duster (glitter powder from benefit over the top!)
however on the lilac and green i put a little extra glitter on the top. you can get this glitter from craft stores or some body glittler from Claire's.