Thursday, 23 June 2011

carnival wow!

i've been obsesses with thought of carnival makeup ever since i was little. im more reserved with my makeup so i never really had a chance to experiment.
it started out as me doing swashes from my sleek mediterranean eyeshadow palette and progressed into me putting glitter over them (as you can see in my previous post.)
from here i had i brilliant idea! and started playing around with the green shade! AND I JUST WENT CRAZY FROM THEN!! i wish i had face paint though .... :(

here r some pics xxx

sleek mediterranean

swashes from my new sleek Mediterranean palette.
i basically used a few of these gorgeous colours and dabbed some luster duster (glitter powder from benefit over the top!)
however on the lilac and green i put a little extra glitter on the top. you can get this glitter from craft stores or some body glittler from Claire's.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

sunset eyes!

its all about the summer makeup.

over the last few months ive become very lazy with makeup restricting myself to the basics which for me is a little concealer powder and some mascara

but that boring!

its summer and i experimented.

i used sleek eyeshadows in the circus pallete which was limited edition and not in store anymore and a really random pink almost lilac lipstick and a bourjuois blush.

the trick is to be expressive with your eyes and limit the amount of colour you use on your lips, so dotting your lipstick on and using it as a lip tint is a good idea. here i used a light colour to line the bottom of my eyes which gives the illusion of wide and bright eyes!

keep nails bright and colourful too!

i will try n make a youtube tutorial of this look!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dior 'Bagatelle' Retro Inspired Sunglasses

Dior 'Bagatelle' Retro Inspired Sunglasses - Christian Diori am loving these doir sunglasses! i think they are absolutely gorgeous. they scream holly wood glam! im extremely drawn to the sunglasses because im daring but classic at the same time and i feel these are perfect for me! team up with a little black dress like this one from topshop and team with these bright coloured wedges from dune and these pink wedges for a pop of colour! dont forget the bright nails that are on trend this summer!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

'i love me' .....are you sure?

so today i saw a status update on my blackberry basically saying that 'you cant expect someone to love you unless you love yourself'.
ive always believed this to be true. and i always never questioned how much i love myself. i mean 'of-course i love myself'. If i didn't love my self wouldn't i have committed suicide or something...? well that not really the case....
there is so much more to self love that believing your 'perfect' and "anyone who cant see that is not deserving of you".
self love to me is all about embracing your individual personality and being comfortable about yourself, comfortable to the point that you know what you believe in and can stand by it.

its about knowing what you like and what you don't like and not letting anyone dictate you into feeling that your wrong because of that.
we are all individuals, and someone who may fall in love with person A may not feel like person B is right for them no matter how much they try to force it.
what im trying to say is that.... i admit to trying to be what the other person wants.... just i can feel more 'loved'. .... i wonder why, because my real persona eventually would show through and while i was suppressing it i was completely miserable.
for example, i am an expressive person, very understanding, somewhat stubborn, a good listener, sometimes i talk alot sometimes i really dont feel like even being around people, im a people person and im outgoing and sociable. Some men dont like sociable women, they prefer more reserved women and so as a result i would force myself to be more reserved. there's a stereo type that friendly and sociable women maybe talk to much, are not to be trusted, love to be the center of attention and are maybe loose and its easier to believe rumours about them because their sociable. i stereo typed myself as well i thought maybe 'if im not as friendly and less sociable then people would be less likely to believe rumors about me and would maybe trust me more'.
but then when i started to sit back and learn more about myself i realised that i may be sociable but i prefer keeping to a very small group of people! and that i really am not totally comfortable with being the center of attention. and anybody who really knows me knows these things are true.
but so many times we try to force ourselves to be 'better' where as 'better' is really just an attempt to be who that person would prefer us to be.
so am really just at stage one of self love and that is understanding myself. i don't ever want anybody to make me question myself ever again. and make me feel as if i would be a more suitable candidate for a a girlfriend or a friend if i change certain things about me that really just make me....ME.

but theres a difference between changing and compromising! dont forget that! you need to compromise certain things in any relationship weather it be romantic or platonic but not fundamental things that will change you.
its a long journey and its one of the reasons i started the blog. i'm not here to entertain (although i hope i am slightly interesting) but im here to write about the little wonders of my world... its all to do with me and eventually i will understand myself better than anyone.

Monday, 9 May 2011

made in chelsea????

what the hell is MADE IN FUCKING CHELSEA. im not a hater, but i really do dislike the program already. i turned it on and 20 minutes later i could not take it anymore.
lets quickly analyse the show.
you have a bunch of rich girls who all seem to be so concerned about social climbing and not wearing high street clothes, who ALSO (may i add) they most likely throw up every meal they have when the cameras are not rolling and go through a can of hairspray a week.

then! you have some guys, some very handsome in my opinion, and some who look like they wear more weave than i do. they are extremely pompous and cocky and they talk as if they are taking the piss out of prince charles, it seems so put on. then they use the odd 'street phrase' like "yeah i clocked her looking at me"... like what did you take notes down when you watched Anuvahood and Kidulthood.?

ohhh! and dont forget. with any reality show u have to have the GBF (gay best friend). who gets away with being a prick because he has a yearly subscription to vogue and can tell the difference between a fake louis vuitton bag and a real one from a mile.

but you know what. i think its so senseless to the point where i feel that it has to be about 70 percent fiction. so if i watch this show. I SAID IF! then i will not take it ver seriously and maybe just see as abit of fun or maybe even see it as a play on what the stereotypical 'chelsea girl' is.