Monday, 9 May 2011

made in chelsea????

what the hell is MADE IN FUCKING CHELSEA. im not a hater, but i really do dislike the program already. i turned it on and 20 minutes later i could not take it anymore.
lets quickly analyse the show.
you have a bunch of rich girls who all seem to be so concerned about social climbing and not wearing high street clothes, who ALSO (may i add) they most likely throw up every meal they have when the cameras are not rolling and go through a can of hairspray a week.

then! you have some guys, some very handsome in my opinion, and some who look like they wear more weave than i do. they are extremely pompous and cocky and they talk as if they are taking the piss out of prince charles, it seems so put on. then they use the odd 'street phrase' like "yeah i clocked her looking at me"... like what did you take notes down when you watched Anuvahood and Kidulthood.?

ohhh! and dont forget. with any reality show u have to have the GBF (gay best friend). who gets away with being a prick because he has a yearly subscription to vogue and can tell the difference between a fake louis vuitton bag and a real one from a mile.

but you know what. i think its so senseless to the point where i feel that it has to be about 70 percent fiction. so if i watch this show. I SAID IF! then i will not take it ver seriously and maybe just see as abit of fun or maybe even see it as a play on what the stereotypical 'chelsea girl' is.

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